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Room Prices

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Room Type Bed and Breakfast Half Pension*
• Single Room
40,00 60,00
• Double Room (2 people) € 72,00 (room total) 60,00 per person
Junior Suite (2 people) € 80,00 (room total) € 70,00 per person
• Suite (2 persone) 120,00 (room total) 80,00 per person
• Apartment for 4 people
120,00 (room total) € 60.00 per person
* The apartment for 4 people includes one room with a queen bed and another room with two single beds
*Half pension includes room, breakfast, supper, 1/2 litre of wine and 1/2 litre of mineral water per person. Children 7 years of age or less are free, children from 8 through 12 years of age pay €25,00
Full pension includes breakfast, dinner and supper and costs an extra €10.00 per person above the half pension rate with a minimum of three nights reservations.
Meal cost if neither half pension nor full pension are chosen
Breakfast: € 5.00 Dinner: € 20.00 Supper: € 20